Old Lar's House

Old Lar's House

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Very LIVE Entertainment!

We were so fortunate to get to experience Free and Kwaispock Tammas..Here at my house!
Freestar Tammas, or "Free" as she is known to most, has streamed live in SL since May '07. Her singing/songwriting style developed while listening to Bonnie Raitt and classic Elton John/Bernie Taupin (pre-1976), resulting in her own bluesy, sassy, soulful style. Quirky, irreverent and often a bit naughty, she is an original personality playing original acoustic tunes, making the few covers she performs completely her own. Accompanied on keys, bass, and vocals by Kwaispock Tammas.

You can read more and follow them: http://www.slprofiles.com/slprofiles.asp?id=11523

Listen to their


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  1. Free and Kwai were excellent and hope to see them at your place again!

    Pheobie ((FEEBS))